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Google Maps SEO

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Review Generation

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Press Releases

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Track Your Business Calls for Better Insight & Analytics



Increase Your Organic Search Traffic & Rankings



Google My Business Posts to Increase Visibility & Promote Your Listing

RESULTS from a Few of Our Clients

“Since I’ve worked with Shib I’m a lot closer to two million, so he’s almost completely doubled my business within 18 months”

“Hey Guys my name is Dustin with Dustin Johnson Exteriors. I live in Austin Texas and I’ve been using Shibga Media for the last two years. Shib asked me to record a short testimonial and I’m more than happy to because this dude has actually changed my life in a positive and huge way.

When he found me, my ranking, as I understood it on Google anyway, was so low. Google couldn’t even pick it up it was that bad. Within 6 months Shib had the phone ringing pretty consistently, 6-7 calls on a good day, 2-3 on an average day. And within 8 months, Shibga had me #1 on the Google rankings in Austin for multiple keyword searches including the “roofing Austin” search. And I’ve been stuck there ever since. The phone rings all the time.

Before we were doing this, we were doing a lot of Thumbtack and Home Advisor, which worked okay; I was grossing just under a million a year at the time. So we weren’t sucking wind but we weren’t kicking butt either. Since I’ve worked with Shib I’m a lot closer to two million, so he’s almost completely doubled my business within 18 months.

What I like about Shib, #1, is that he doesn’t take on every client that he meets. He took a lot of care to source me out, pick me, because he wanted to work with me. So we have a really good open line of communication. If I need to talk to him he will almost all the time pick up the phone, and if he doesn’t, Melanie will take a message and Shib will get back to me on the same day for sure. If I have a problem it’s fixed within hours sometimes minutes.

And I really like the creative ways that he found to do what he calls “real world SEO” meaning; there’s plenty of things that you can do sitting behind a computer, typing a lot of things into it that will make things happen positively on the other end in terms of making your phone ring for roofing, but there’s a lot of other coaching that Shib provides on tips and benefits of doing certain things with my phone, out in the field, taking pictures, writing reviews and sourcing out reviews from my customers that have made a huge difference. I didn’t really find that personal touch with the other Internet SEO types when I was looking to hire someone.

So I can say for sure Shib has changed my life in a positive manner. The guys making me rich!”

Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing, Austin, TX


“Within the three months since we’ve started working with Shib, I probably get 10-20 phone calls a week straight from Google”

“Hi my name is Sam Frank with 412 Roofing. We are a construction company that specializes in roofing in Baltimore, Maryland. We decided to get into roofing about 3-4 months ago. And part of that was because we saw an opportunity to do well in the niche if we could create a solid digital marketing and lead generation program.

Shib with Shibga Media reached out to us through our website, I took a meeting, and was very impressed with the service offer that he pitched to us so we started working together right away.

Since we started working together I can’t tell you as a perspective client for Shib’s business, how valuable they have been to our team. I tell everyone when I talk about Shib and his team that they are the X-factor for our business. About three months ago we had no Internet presence. And within the three months since we’ve started working with Shib, I probably get 10-20 phone calls a week straight from Google.

We’ve been monitoring our progress and there’s a number of things that we have seen grow with our business.

One of the things that I think is the most notable is that we went from being basically unrecognized, on like the 8th to 10th page for every major keyword search in our area for roofing. In two months time, Shib brought us to the 3rd page for every keyword, and in three months time we are on the 1st page for every major keyword related to roofing.

So I cant see how there’s any better use of your money if you have a roofing company then hiring Shib to work with you. And on top of that I use Shib for everything. Anytime I need insularly support they are always available and anything related to marketing or growing the business Shib is always a yes man. Picks up the phone every time I call him and his team is some of the most professional folks that we’re working with.

If you’re thinking about working with Shib, I highly recommend it. They’ve helped our business tremendously and we plan to keep using them on a continuing basis because we see a tremendous amount of value through working with them.”

Four Twelve Roofing, Baltmore, MD

“Shib has been great in answering the phone at anytime we need him and he always has the right answer to any technical questions I’ve had”

“My name is David Curcio with Proven Contracting. I have currently been working with Shib for about 6 months now. And what I can say is that everything has been going really well. About 6 months ago we had them take over our web design as well as the actual website itself and the marketing and the traffic towards it. Shib even manages entire Google campaigns for us as well.

What we can tell in the last 6 months is that we are getting a lot of phone calls right now, about 20 a week, and they tend to be from different areas then we were getting phone calls from in the past. So we think that the Google Maps SEO campaign has really helped us as well as them just doing marketing in different areas.

So I will highly recommend using them. Shib has been great in answering the phone at anytime we need him and he always has the right answer to any technical questions I’ve had.”

Proven Contracting Livingston NJ

“My experience with Shib is that he is extremely hardworking, he’s dedicated to performance, and he is somebody who actually walks the walk, he doesn’t just talk the talk”

“My name is Tim. I am the owner of several lead generation platforms in the home service industry. I wanted to do this review on Shib because I believe in what his team is doing. I’ve worked with Shib and followed his strategies on the Internet and my experience with Shib is that he is extremely hardworking, he’s dedicated to performance, and he is somebody who actually walks the walk, he doesn’t just talk the talk, he’s good at what he does and he can perform for you.

So if you are somebody who is looking to increase there business, Shib will be an excellent source of doing just that. I highly recommend Shib.”

Lead Gen Expert, New York, NY

Meet Shib Chow…
Founder of More Replacements Now!


Shib Chow

#1 SEO Sales Expert in NY
2 Dozen+  Roofing Case Studies
Google Certified
Brand Growth Consultant

Shib Chow is a rare breed. He is an expert in both marketing that actually works and design that actually sells. His well-rounded expertise and work ethic, coupled with the fact that his vast experience lies majorly within the contracting niche, makes Shib the man roofing contractors want on their team.

From being born and raised in Bikrampur, Bangladesh to spending 7 years in the SEO capital of the world that is Chiang Mai, Thailand to forging his path in New York City and completing his bachelors degree in Marketing, it is safe to say that Shib’s path hasn’t been ordinary. Shib has travelled the world learning not only about the technical and digital aspects of business but also gathering worldly experience interacting with people from all walks of life. In fact, Shib’s ability to communicate clearly and confidently has been a driving force in the success of his own business and likewise his clients.

When Shib’s vision of a marketing agency was formed in his early years living in Thailand, he did not know the height of the challenges that he would overcome. Yet through every wall Shib persisted, worked hard, and now he owns a million dollar roofing marketing agency that is not just his business, but also his passion. He is in the trenches day in day out, putting into action marketing strategies, testing new ideas, comparing results, and implementing them into models for success.

Shib has been called the “The #1 SEO Sales Expert in NY””

Shib has always had an online presence of himself on multiple Social Media platforms. His success in business coupled with creative and interactive content on various social channels has brought exposure to Shib in the SEO sales world as a leader and master to learn from. He has since created a successful online course teaching his ways to a large number of people across the world.

In his own words…

“As you are reading this right now in 2020, I can say that working only within the contracting niche has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only did it allow us to create a product that increases the success of roofing businesses we work with, but we also have the freedom to work closely with our clients. We are able to take a personal interest in every single business that we work with – to not just offer our technical services but also provide the consultative clarity which we gather from working with people in the same business, located in different markets across the United States.”

Shib Chow is one of the most sought after marketing experts serving the roofing industry across America.

We’ve Increased Our Clients’ Business and Income 140.12% to Over 8,647.19% in Just 90 Days!

If you’re ready for a one-of-a-kind marketing program that markets YOU as an expert and authority in your niche… positions YOU as the best choice to hire versus your competition… and gets YOU an incredibly high return on your investment…

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